Month: November 2017

The “Flying Saucer” or “Space” House

Location: Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Directions: North of Chattanooga. I-24 exit 178. North on US Hwy 27 for four miles. Exit onto Signal Mountain Rd, and drive northwest for three miles. The Flying Saucer House will be on your left, about halfway up the mountain, at the intersection of Palisades Rd. The actual address is 1408 Palisades Rd Signal Mountain, TN 37377. READ MORE

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Postmodernism and Kitsch

If you want a dictionary definition, postmodernism is a reaction against the assumed certainty of scientific, religious, or objective efforts to explain reality.  For a postmodernist, reality is constructed in the mind as each mind tries to understand its own particular and personal reality. As a result of this assumption, postmodernism is highly skeptical of explanations which claim to be valid for all groups, cultures, traditions, etc. To a postmodernist, interpretation is everything, and reality only comes into being through interpretations of what the world means to each person individually.   READ MORE.

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